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About us
Acquiesce Consulting Limited (ACL) was established by Peter Sibthorpe to provide firms conducting investment business with professional regulatory compliance support. Through its network of contacts, all of whom have previously held senior positions within the regulatory compliance universe, ACL can provide professional compliance support in a wide range of areas.

Examples of the areas covered by ACL include: money laundering prevention and the practical application of the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group’s (JMLSG’s) Guidance Notes; authorisation; product development; e-commerce; risk-based monitoring; financial promotions; senior management responsibilities (including the interlocking rules governing systems and controls, approved persons, fitness and propriety, training and competence, and the Turnbull guidelines), and; remedial work following regulatory censure.


ACL can help you to develop products, services, systems and controls that complement your business plans and satisfy your regulatory obligations. We also provide training and executive briefings, and continue to support your business on a retained basis if required.

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