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Business Formation and Authorisation

You may be considering setting up a new venture (for example, a funds supermarket) or evaluating the alternative structures through which you could offer a more comprehensive and attractive range of products and services within a complex group of companies (for example, by forming a life company). From managing the authorisation of a compact new venture to dealing with the issues surrounding the formation of a larger company dealing with institutional and retail investors, ACL can help.

If you are considering: the transfer of institutional or retail client's assets from one type of investment vehicle to another, new products and distribution methods, the in-specie transfer of assets, creating a track record for new funds (including those with a predecessor with similar attributes), dilution recovery, pricing, cross-selling, the formation of a marketing group, participating in or creating a 'funds supermarket', or any other issues surrounding entering a new market or the formation of a new business, contact us.

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